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​​​​​​Ashe Woodward

Not sure if coaching can help you?  Book a FREE strategy session and see for yourself!

I'm here to poke and gently prod the spark that is already in you. I'm also your sounding board for you to try ideas out on and trust me, I'll let you know what I really think.  

I'm sure we'll also talk about my experience as a thirtysomething entrepreneur who has  started over and found success. I will show you exactly what I did and how you can too!  

Are you ready for more in your thirties?

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Some things clients and I have worked on lately

  • clarifying goals and making better ones
  • creating impactful action plans
  • making more money 
  • ​having more confidence
  • defining priorities
  • having more quality time
  • ​getting 5 years ahead of your 'plan'
  • ​making better, smarter, quicker decisions

If you're standing at the doorway to your thirties (or maybe even gazing into your forties) and you still aren't clear or sure about what you're doing with your one amazing life, we need to talk!

What's coaching with me like?  What can we accomplish?

Glad you asked:

Sessions are typically an hour long but we are in constant contact via email because things come up.

PLUS, I'm not only your coach, I'm your accountability partner for getting your dream life in action!

We'll design a plan that you're comfortable with when it comes to taking action and designing or RE-designing your thirties. But I won't let you get TOO comfortable either.