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Blackrock High:

Into the Black


"The daemon formed and stood like before with a child-like innocence, except for the notable horns. With only the outline of a face, similar to so many in Robin’s sketchbook, she couldn’t detect its exact expression. It held out its hand and reached towards her. She remembered this part––where the daemon takes a piece of your soul to keep forever in its vessel."

Blackrock High: Into the Black COMING SOON!

Blackrock High: Into the Black by Ashe Woodward

I'm a demon, honey. Blackmail's my jam.

Four students at Blackrock High who would usually have no reason to talk to each other, are finding they have something in common––they're each being persued by the same supernatural pest.

When they finally discover there's strength in numbers, the girls take control and summon a true blue demon that knows a secret that they didn't want to know: they're all going to die.

There's one way to stop it from happening––let the demon  time-share their flesh for its own bidding. That is, unless they can find another way. Oh! And save everyone else...

Blackrock High: Into the Black

STATUS UPDATE: complete (in editing), Looking for BETA readers :) 

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