Embrace your own uniqueness. Time is MUCH too short to be living someone else's life.

​                                  -Kobi Yamada

This conversation on fear has gotten out of control and I personally don't like where it's heading.

I'm sick of being told that my brain is confused and doesn't know the difference between a grizzly bear in my backyard and signing a contract with a shotgun clause.

I'm fascinated by fear and I want to do it justice!

Come check out what's really cooking as we get into a real dialogue with fear


                                                                                                                           by Ashe Woodward

What FACING FEAR really means...

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Escape The Content Mills

YOLO means You Only Live Once. 

When I think of YOLO I really focus on the ONCE...

ONE universe,

ONE soul in a crowd

ONE ness and also UNIQUE ness

ONE risk to change EVERYTHING!

What does it mean to live and thrive as a unique, adventurous  soul who loves others and wants to create and be part of a better world?

You only live once, so let's make it count!