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                     ... as my mom would say.

You can find me there most days.

Today I help people move past fear and blocks to live more fully and redesign their lives in a way that makes them proud of their accomplishments (and even failures). I love seeing my clients uncover who they really are and define their own special brand of life and success.

I'm also here to help thirtysomethings develop their business ideas even though there are so many challenges that come along in this journey.  Emotional blocks, especially around money and success, can rear their ugly heads, and it's always good to get these issues addressed before you give up on a great idea.

I can show you how to move past whatever is holding you back and design a powerful plan for success and abundance!

Yet, I knew I couldn't be the only one who was feeling this way...

So, as they say, if you want something done, you've gotta do it yourself!  

So I did.  

I started exploring the questions I was having in a new blog ( I was curious about things like, 

'What does it really take to be a grownup?'

 'How can we find more time for the things we love?' and

'How can we be sure we're on the right path,'                     name a few.

Eventually, friends and friends of friends started asking me for advice and I was being asked to speak about my ideas more and more.​ I got really excited when I finally had the idea to turn what I was doing into a business of showing thirtysomeones that they're not alone; everyone is feeling the burn, I assure you! 

Now, from meeting and working with people from all over the world I now see that after 30, we truly do have very specific needs when it comes to self-development and goal strategies...and I LOVE to share what I've uncovered.

My live and online coaching work and programs are now the product of my own research of proven strategies for thirtysomethings to move past blocks and reach their goals.

Let's Get Started!

^ Me,looking lost, at 30 and a half 

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I practice what I preach!... cuz this S#!* works.

When I reached my thirties my life didn't look anything like I thought it would.  I was in a job I never intended to keep and I was bursting to figure out what I was really meant to do.  

I was taking life day by day but secretly very depressed and ashamed of how far I hadn't come and feeling like everyone else knew more about being a grown-up than I did, and that I'd never be a 'successful adult'. 

And when I looked to the self-help world, I couldn't find anyone out there who could really understand my specific challenges of work-life balance, pressure to have a family, desire to start my own company or project, and do it all with ease and a smile.