I'm a teacher by trade, which, you might think makes me pretty brave -

speaking in front of people every day.

But that's not how I used to see it.

I thought teaching felt safe and was a good place to hide. I'd been in school my whole life and I had no intention of being 'out there,' trying to get a 'real job.'

It wasn't until I realized that I was truly hiding that my world started shifting and my life started to open up. I began to get really familiar with risk, being uncomfortable and facing big fears. I've now become kind of obsessed with the topic of fear because it's such a huge block between us and the biggest possibilities for our lives.

I've now worked with people of many professions and backgrounds who are looking to manage their fear in different ways but with the same main outcome: freedom and abundance.

My newest project, Yolopalooza TM is an annual event that celebrates people and businesses who have worked through their biggest blocks and fears. It's a super hip trade show held in my homiest of hometowns, Toronto. I'd love to see you there and have a chat about what's stopping you for really going for 'it'.

That's my jam and I love to share my strategies and thoughts through one-to-one coaching and hypnosis sessions. It's pretty rad so drop me a line (ashe@yolopalooza.com) and see you at the next Yolopalooza!

^ Me, looking for my next thing...

Today I help people move past fear and blocks to live more fully and redesign their lives in a way that makes them proud of their accomplishments (and even failures). I love seeing my clients uncover who they really are and define their own special brand of life and success.

I'm also here to help closet risk-takers develop their life plan and business ideas even though there are so many challenges that come along in this journey.  Emotional blocks, especially around money and success, can rear their ugly heads, and it's always good to get these issues addressed before you give up on a great idea.

I can show you how to move past whatever is holding you back and design a powerful plan for success and abundance!

SO, I'm Ashe.

I live in Toronto, I love people, dogs, talking about new and cool stuff and jamming on ideas.

I've had several businesses that I've revamped, left, and, yes, some failures too.

But I've now got the bug of living outside the box and it wasn't always this way.

Let's connect!

I'm a HUGE animal lover. Here's me with my fur babies, Jake and Bella (unintentionally named after Twilight characters...).

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I live with my hubs in Toronto, Canada. Cool, eh?

Coaching Style

I practice what I preach!... cuz this S#!* works.