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If it's murderous and scary, NO. If it's just a little spooky and beautiful, I'm there.


About Ashe 

First, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS .... HOW TO SAY MY NAME, say my name, say my name

Repeat after me...

Eh... (like a true Canadian, which I am)Then  "ShUH" (as in Geisha or eccinacea)

Again? Eh-shuh. 

Meh - you need a little practice, but you'll get there. But, by the way, my name means 'life' and 'hope' so every time you say it and get it right, you invoke good juju into your life. Just sayin'.

The second thing to know is that I'm a writer. I mostly write horror or weird fantasy stuff but I can spin a good tale about the day to day just as well - but it might be a little on the weird side...

My favourite book of all time is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein but I love horror and fantasy of all types, most especially though, Young Adult. I like to think I'm a 'young adult' too even though I'm pushing 40...

I also do a podcast called, That's So Morbid, where I talk about weird and spooky things and stuff to do with death.

I live in Toronto with my loveable husband and geriatric dogs, Jake and Bella (who are NOT named after Twilight, but I do enjoy a Stephanie Meyer...)

My upcoming novel, Blackrock High: Into the Black is coming out soon guys (I'm super stoked), but until then, I hope you enjoy some of my shorter fic on this site to curb your cravings...

Thanks for stopping by and hope to meet you soon to chat about spooky stories!