Being in business for yourself is a journey - it can be hell or heaven and both at the same time. It's not for everyone but I just can't say no to a challenge!

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a Badass Business Coach?


To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a breaking point story and defining moment that  brought me to where I am today - coaching people like you on exactly what to do to bring clients and cash into your business. 


That defining moment happened in 2012, when I just turned thirty years old. Yikes - it was a big one.


A couple of years earlier, I had closed my hypnotherapy business to go back to graduate school. The financial crash of 2008 created a lot of clients looking for their "what's next" -- but who had little financial resources to pay for self-care. I had to make the decision to move on.


To my surprise, I was now in the same boat - trying to figure out what to do next. 


I never was a traditional work for the man type of person but I was teaching business English as a day job because I love teaching and speaking to groups. I really saw my future self as following the road of academia towards being a professor. 


I had started hypnotherapy as a way to improve my skills of focusing my own mind and helping other people get what they wanted faster. But I wasn't interested in the business side of building a business - I thought business was only for boring people who were climbing promotional ladders. I was a free spirit, a punk rocker at heart and loved the idea of being free. 


But with the financial crash, I felt like I had to get more credentials - to get that graduate degree to really make the money I wanted. The recession forced my husband into a layoff too, which only added to the pressure to find success for myself. I decided to apply to grad school - and pay for extra courses ahead of time just to qualify. Then, after months of preparation, I didn't get in. I applied a second time and didn't get in.


I was devastated. I went down a six month shame spiral close to depression. 


As a result, going to my teaching job was making me some days physically ill; it wasn’t supposed to be my main job forever. I felt trapped and I could only see darkness when I thought about my future.


All I could think about was "How did my life end up like this? How did I get to be 30 years old, broke and financially dependent on someone else? If I'm not a university professor, what else am I supposed to be doing? How am I ever going to help other people in the way I know I can if I'm not teaching at a university? What can a person with my skills really do?



Even though It sometimes looked like I had it all figured out - a ton of confidence in myself from years of self-work, I didn’t have the know how to capitalize on my creativity and talents. After some deep introspection and regular self-hypnosis I started to come out of my fog. One day I woke up, realized I had everything I needed and I made a decision right there to figure out this success thing.


I knew I loved writing and teaching so I started a blog for other 30-somethings to get inspiration when adulting just sucks, (something I knew a lot about!). From there I got some coaching clients, people who were very similar to those I was treating with hypnotherapy. This time people were coming to me because they realized that even though they had a ton of education and skills, they weren’t finding their passion. And if they had found something, they were struggling to make it into a business that could support the families they were growing.


I had been there only a short time before I had a knack for showing people how to find what they love and make it into an exciting and viable business. 


To find even more clients, I started doing small recreational events for 30-somethings and I saw the power of live events for connecting, networking and sharing. It took A LOT of experimenting but I eventually found the best way to engage attendees and it became the secret to getting more clients than I could handle! Plus, I was now making money from the events themselves - sometimes $400 per event!


I had cleaned up my past and started teaching creative and BOLD entrepreneurs like me how they can do the same. 


I had gone from resisting business and coaching in my hypnotherapy practice to helping others start businesses with the skills I had gained - both mind-strengthening skills and practical branding and marketing strategies. I even wrote a book called The Thirtysomething’s Guide to Successful Goal-Making. Isn’t it funny how the universe works sometimes?


I watched my clients’ confidence and businesses success skyrocket too! I’ve now helped people expand their business ideas and create business plans that bring in over 100K a year in revenue. I’ve helped people learn how to think bigger about their desired outcomes and make over 500% of the investment cost at shows and markets, reaching large numbers of clients inexpensively.


I have since made a commitment to dedicate my life to helping other creative solopreneurs and small business teams to break through inner blocks, change their perspective of business and rock their personal and professional lives.


I’ve worked with tons of groups and many private clients. I’ve realized my dream of being a homeowner in Toronto while also being able to travel and take my business wherever I choose!  And I’ve created the Build a BOLD Business and Brand system and my specialized program, Launch Your Way to Live Event Success ™ , a series of 10 skills every business owner and entrepreneur can easily master and apply to bring in the the clients and cash!

If your brand is ready to STAND OUT and be BIGGER than ever, let's have a talk about where you can break through to the next stage of success for you and your business!



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